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British Fluoridation Society


The British Fluoridation Society was founded in 1969 by a group of concerned professionals anxious to see an improvement in the dental health of the UK population by implementation of Government policy for water fluoridation. Founder members include Eric Lubbock MP (now Lord Avebury, and Vice-chair of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group). From its inception the Society has been a multi-disciplinary organisation, and has enjoyed the support of politicians from all political parties.

The aims of the Society are:

to promote improvement of dental health by securing the optimum fluoride content of water supplies (one part per million) in those areas where high levels of tooth decay remain a public health problem;

  • to promote and co-ordinate medical, dental, educational, and administrative efforts to achieve this;
  • to distribute information about dental health.

Membership is open to individuals and organisations who support the Society's aims. The Society is a multi-disciplinary organisation - individual members include dentists, hygienists, health educators, politicians, doctors, health visitors and administrators. Corporate members include many health authorities and professional organisations.

The Society's main activities include:

  • providing a scientifically-based information service about water fluoridation to: health authorities and boards; educational establishments; professional organisations; the media; politicians; and, the general public;
  • organising scientific meetings to promote oral health through water fluoridation;
  • working at local, national and international level in order to extend water fluoridation within the UK, or safeguard existing water fluoridation schemes;
  • contributing to the body of scientific knowledge on water fluoridation and dental public health;
  • researching and producing scientifically sound, reader-friendly publications on water fluoridation.
  • responding each year to around 3,000 requests for information about water fluoridation from individuals and organisations nationally and internationally;
  • continuing to support the fluoridation activity of the Departments of Health, health authorities, PCTs and health boards throughout the UK.
  • maintaining links and sharing information with international colleagues - in particular with the US Public Health Service and colleagues in European countries.


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